Saturday, November 22, 2008

Purple Snowmen!

Hello Loopy Ewes! Hope you are all keeping warm! The mini snowfall we had earlier this week took me completely by surprise. My girl was in need of some warm mittens STAT, so I decided to take matters into my own knitterly hands. I found this pattern on Ravelry and got to work on Wednesday night, while you all were having fun at Dawn's. :-( ( I had to do something to keep me busy while I was missing all of the fun!) These mittens were a relatively quick knit, and I'm pretty happy with the result. The girl is really pleased with them, and I'm thrilled that she will now have toasty hands!

Hope you all had fun on Wednesday! How was your evening together?

Happy Thanksgiving, Loopy Ewes!

Kathleen :-)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thanks, Kathleen, for the enthusiastic summary of last week, and the encouragement!. I still have sock fever, but have had to do some ripping, but it's all good. I went to Adventures in knitting, and bought myself some 40" size 4 needles, and I am itching to start my SECOND PAIR of socks! I hope everyone is feeling better, and that we have a big group at your house, Dawn, on Wed.
Judy, it was cool to see you thrift-shopping like me on Friday afternoon! I had to tackle you to guard the yarn I was lusting after! LOL. Oh, that reminds me, I saw an antique yarn winder at the thrift shop in Orleans, if anyone is interested. Too pricey for me. Call me if you are interested.
See you Wed. Judi

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Three Loopy Wednesday!

We may have been small in number, but DL, Judi and I had a great time together.  The snacks were certainly tasty - the yummy cheese ball that Judi made, the cream cheese goodness that DL brought and some chips, veggies and dip to round out the snacking.  Judi, we were very proud of your sock fever tonight!  You're almost there with that second sock!  Keep going, girlfriend!  DL, the socks you made are gorgeous!  I want a pair!  Your pups were a lot of fun to have around, and they were very well-behaved.  What good boys!  Hopefully, I'll finish my poncho sooner rather than later.  I haven't done this much stockinette in awhile!

Dawn, Ingrid, Wendy and Bunny Judy, we missed you!  Dawn, we hope you are feeling much better!  Ingrid, we hope that you had a fun night with your daughter!

Looks like we are at Dawn K's next week!  Have a great weekend, Loopy Ewes!
K :-)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wednesday night at Judi's

UPDATE: We will meet at Judi's Wednesday 11/12! See you there!

Hey Loopies, I'm thinking ahead to Wed, and wondering if you all want to come here to our house? Or if someone else has already offered, just let me know. I don't know if I can top the light show from last week, but I'll try! Judi

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The night the lights went out!

Dawn L thanks for hosting. It was lovely! Kathleen, thanks for the great recap. I was too pooped! When Ingrid got her tour of Dawn's house she said that she loved all the nooks and crannies. I said it sounded like a Thomas' English muffin. Ingrid wanted to know how I knew that's what she got me for the it was funny (too me anyway LOL!) when Ingrid opened her swap and there were english muffins in there from me.

I wrote a THANK YOU to Ingrid on my blog today if you want to see it.

take care,
Dawn K

Friday, November 7, 2008

Cup Cozy Swap Success!

Hello Loopy Ewes, I just wanted to thank you all for participating in the Flippin' Cup Cozy Swap! Everyone put together such thoughtful and happy surprises for their partner. The cozies all turned out beautifully, and I liked how everyone ended up choosing a different pattern to knit.

Dawn, your cabled cozy was beautiful, and while I still don't understand the whole Thomas' English muffin thing, that moment really cracked me up! Ingrid, the cozy that you made for Dawn was lovely, and I really liked the color. Dawn, your reaction to receiving the banana game was like a kid on Christmas, and it was so much fun to see you so excited!. Ingrid, I really liked all of the little goodies that you put in Dawn's basket. Well done! Judi, you did a beautiful job on your cozy for Wendy and I really liked how you packaged all of the goodies in that pretty bag. DL, you were a knitting machine! I really liked all of the lavender goodies that you made for Judi, and the mug was really beautiful. Your cozy was really lovely, and while you were worried that it was skimpy, it really was perfect for that mug. Nicely done! Wendy, thank you so much for my most awesome swap package. The cozies were both beautiful, and I love how they were both knit in my favorite cozy pattern. The tea, the yarn and the bag are all outstanding. You went above and beyond. Thank you, thank you!

Ready for another swap, Loopy Ewes?


So the swap was a great success! Too bad the lights went out, but I think that happened on purpose so we could all go home and play with the spoils in our swap packages. :-) Everyone brought really yummy snacks, and it was another fun Loopy night, even if it was a little short!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

K :-)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cozy Swap Tomorrow!!!

Hello Loopy Ewes! Just a little reminder that the cozy swap is tomorrow, November 5th at Dawn L's. As a little review, here are the parameters again that I posted last month:
  • 1 knitted coffee cup cozy
  • 1 coffee cup
  • coffee or tea or a gift card (if you know your recipient likes Starbucks and have no clue because you never go there, go for the gift card) I'm thinking this part of the swap should be between $5 and $10.
  • anything else you'd like to include to make your recipient smile (treats, etc.)
  • if anyone has other ideas about what they've included in their end of the swap, feel free to post an anonymous comment about it for those last minute LEs.
Here's to a great swap tomorrow! Hope everyone has had fun putting it all together! K :-)

Happy Election Day

In addition to acknowledging this exciting day, I wanted to let ewe all know I am happy to host knitting tomorrow night (for the swap?) Everyone ready with their cozies???