Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A night on the town

It sure was nice grazing with you all tonight. I laughed so hard. It was like being at a stand up comedy night! I hope you all enjoyed your dinner and weren't disappointed with anything.
The bag exchange was just lovely. Kathleen, I just adore the bag and the color couldn't be more perfect!!!! Dawn L I'm glad you liked yours. I am just mortified that I didn't finish the end off before I gave it to you. I finished it almost 6 weeks ago. I guess I should have checked it over to make sure there weren't any "loose ends" :) Judi I love the color combination of your bag. It looks lovely as a hat as well! Ingrid, the bag you made Kathleen has a beautiful color and looks simply lovely!
If you are like me you are thinking of the perfect thing to use it for. I know I want to show mine off!
Pam, if you are reading this you were there in spirit tonight! Dawn L says we'll see you next week at her house. I'm looking forward to it. I miss you!
Thanks for a fun evening!
take care,
Dawn K

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Miss Scarlet in the Billiard room with a candlestick!

Ok I've called everyone and this seems to be the consensus. We will meet at Clancy's tomorrow night. Knowing how long it takes to get seated I think our best bet is to be there by 5:45. I will be there at 5:30 to put our name in for a table. If I drank, I'd have a few. I'm stressed tonight. Not because of "ewe" but the end of school does this to me!
Kathleen, I know you need to get there later, but I'm sure there will be plenty of time for you to order something.
I'm looking forward to it.
See EWE there!
take care,
Dawn K

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Knitter turned seamstress?

Noooooo....but I owe it all to Judi who gave me her Saturday morning to help me make these "antique map" curtains for our office!
Thank you Judi! I couldn't have done it without my neighbor ewe!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Co Ho Co Ho....It's off to knit we go!

Me and my co ho (that's cohort Kathleen LOL!) had a great knitting night. Sorry I didn't get to this until tonight. I was tired!

Thank you Judi for hosting. It was quite fun! I so enjoy laughing when we are all together. The knitting ain't bad either :) :)
I hope you got your cell phone cover completed. I'm sorry I didn't get a closer look at it. The color was nice. I also liked the colors of your new yarn as well. Very pretty!

Dawn L your socks are looking nice. Have fun with your new project. I don't want to spill the beans in case someone is looking :)

Kathleen, I love the color of your bag :) Your socks are coming along nicely too. You had me laughing so much last night!

Ingrid, I hope you were able to make progress today on your heel. The yarn looks pretty knit up. I like it!

I might get into bed a little early tonight with my knitting needles and work some more on my bag.

I don't want you ladies to have to make plans around me next week. Feel free to meet on Wednesday if that works for you. You can consider it my vacation time. For the record, the finale is both David's just like I predicted! I'm so excited!

take care,
Dawn K

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day. This is just so funny. Enjoy!

take care,
Dawn K

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Every night I feel like a chicken

I couldn't resist the title!!!

Ingrid, it was good to see you tonight! Thanks for the use of your home, the loan of your book and the fun evening. Sorry I was a party pooper! The little turtle is so cute! I wonder if it will become friends to the hedgehog? :0

Judi, the bag is wonderful. Ingrid you are very lucky to have it. I have to say Judi that the scarf is just so beautiful!!! I like that pattern a lot.

Dawn L, I just LOVE that project you are working on! It's so pretty. I'm sure I will like it twofold when it is done ;)

Kathleen, the food was yummy! I would have bet you that NEVER in a million years would I eat chicken sausage. I was a pig about it tonight :) I really like your bag as well. It is a perfect size and looks so nicely made.

I hope to make at least one more bag in yellow this time. When the Knit Pick order comes in I want to make the hippo's sweater. I like tying up all these unfinished projects.

I'm going to go ice my back and head to bed.

Good night ladies.

take care,


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Field Trip?

Any possibility of a June 1st field trip?
Looks like fun AND its very close!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Knitting Night Out

What a lovely evening ladies! Dawn L, I just love the name of the wine you brought. It just makes me smile! Your special project is going to be so beautiful when it is done. I hope you get the time you need to finish it. Thanks for the Yarn Harlot pin. :)

Judi, the bag is just beautiful!!!! I'm impressed with how quickly you got it made! It came out great! I hope your Aloe made it home safely. I'm also glad you got such a chuckle out of the little dance I did for you :)

Kathleen, ( or should we know call you FA!) very pretty socks. I like the pattern and the yarn. I also like the bag you are working on. It's lovely. I'll try to get you my altered "hole" directions. I went back to look at the picture to see if I could see any left over red in your cheeks :).

Ingrid, you were missed. I hope you got caught up on your work and are able to find some knitting time.

I think tonight I will plug away at the cotton bag and see how far I get before I fall asleep tonight.

It was a fun night ladies. See you next week.

take care,