Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Next Week...March 4th

Dear Loopy Ewes,
I have a special treat for next weeks Knitting Night. Instead of freezing at my house, we have been invited to Kathy Mealey's Alpaca Farm and Home for our knitting night. She has been kind enough to invite the group over and I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn about so much that she has to offer. Not only does she have alpaca, but she has sheep, goats and a workshop in which she is able to process fleece into roving (needed to spin into yarn). I look forward to sharing more about this opportunity tonight (and giving directions)!
Dawn L.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hey, Loopy Ewes! We missed a lot of you last night, but we still managed to have fun! We munched on yummy spinach dip, the salsa dip extraordinaire, and fresh fruit with an impromptu pudding/yogurt dip that was quite tasty. It was fun to get together and see everyone's knitted wares and talk about all of those naughty songs on the radio, as well as dogs, dogs, dogs! Dawn, your bunny blanket was coming along so fast. You are a such a super, speedy knitter. Dawnelle, your sock is looking awesome. Go figure how a different stitch pattern can mix things up. Judi, that hat you finished up is gorgeous! What a lucky person the recipient will be!

All right, Loopies, since we've been small in number at our meetings over the last couple of weeks, I decided not to delay matters any longer. With the aid of my trusty young helper, who pulled names out of a one-of-a-kind Greatest-Show-On-Earth hat, we now have swap partners.  And the results are. . .

Silly! I'm not going to publish all of that! I was going to, but then I decided that surprises are more fun! If you don't think so, well then, blab away, my dears.  (This is not a reciprocal swap, by the way, so if you have Betty, it's not a sure thing that Betty has you!) 

I will tell you who is participating, so here goes: Ingrid, DL, Dawn K, Kari, Wendy and me.

Due date: April 1, 2009

Yes, this is technically an April Fools Swap, but it is not a gag swap! You have to make a nice respectable dishcloth for your recipient.  I will send each of you an email or rav message tomorrow (as I am editing this post for the last time at a night owl hour) to let you know who you are knitting for.

Here's to a fun swap!  Any questions, you know where to find me! 
K :-)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

You Thought I Forgot About This, Right? ;-)

Hello Loopy Ewes!

It's officially Dishcloth #2 Swap time!  I'm here to lay the ground rules.  All you have to decide is if you are in or aut!

1.  Next Wednesday, we'll pick names out of a hat to find out who we will knit for.  If you cannot attend next week's meeting, but would like to participate, just let me know.  That can be arranged. :-)

2.  Knit a dishcloth in any pattern that your little heart desires (of course, you might want to keep the recipient in mind too.)

3.  This is strictly a dishcloth swap - no more, no less. 

4. The swap date can be March 11th or March 25th.  I'm leaving this open for input to see what date everyone would prefer.

How does it sound, ladies?  Like some wicked Loopy fun or what? :-P

Have a good weekend!