Friday, February 29, 2008

Baby Jack is here!!!

Hi ladies. He's here! Jack was born this morning at 8:27 and weighed 10.9 pounds. He's a big boy and looks like his mother!
take care,

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Short but sweet!

Being the last to arrive and the first to leave is unusual for me. I'm sorry that I missed the first hour or so tonight. I would much rather have been with you ladies :)

Dawn thank you for the last minute hosting duties! You're a gem! I liked my little present, thank you!!!!! Your clapotis is just lovely! I can't believe you still have more knitting on that. I really like the yellow socks you made and you are just whipping out those hats!!! I'm impressed.

Kathleen, DH will have the warmest feet in the office when you are done with those socks! I'm sure the second one will just be done in a flash! Thanks for making me smile and sharing that video. It was so %#&%(*^& funny!!!

Judi I'm glad to see you are still plugging away at that sock. Hmmm, maybe next week they will be on your feet! Enjoy that new phone!

I'm liking these red socks I'm making. I just LOVE the color. Hopefully I'll have one done next week...well maybe not, that baby will take up a little of my time this week :)

Ingrid and Pam we missed you both. Ingrid, we all hope you are feeling better. Pam, we all hope you are having fun!

Next week will be Ingrid's house. See you all there.

take care,

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Knitting and Skiing

not at the same time of course :)

Please excuse the crappy pictures. Dawn and I bought the same yarn for our sweaters for our little grand-guys :) Originally I started with a solid blue for the sweater, but I didn't like how it was turning out. (it's almost done - just need the sleeves, but I think I'm going to rip it) I made this one and thanks to Dawn had enough to make a matching hat.

One year after the sock class I can officially say that I finished my first 'complete' pair of socks :) I am super happy with how they turned out and David loves them. No picture because they are in the motorhome (in N.H.).

I'm also am 3/4 of the way done with a momma bunny and her 3 babies (an Easter present for Emily) and I started a pair of 'summer socks' for Elizabeth.

I hope everyone had a great vacation - I missed you guys!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ah, February Break

Hello Loopy Ewes,
While I didn't go away to some exotic or adventurous place last week, I was still able to get a little knitting accomplished. I finally finished socks for the girl and managed to knit up a matching lace headband too. I wasn't ready to part with that brightly colored sock yarn just yet. I'm still trudging along on the birthday socks for my man (thankfully I'm on the heel flap!), but in the meantime here are a couple of photos of my knitting wares from last week. :)

Looking forward to the Loopy-ness coming up this Wednesday! K

My Vacation Knitting Adventures

I spoke with Kathleen earlier this week and told her that I was LOST in my knitting :)

I got a lot accomplished.

I made a couple more bunnies for Easter.

I finished Mackenzie's Octopus and the sweater I was making her....

I also made a hooded sweater for her. I still have to make the i-cord drawstring, block the sweater and add the button. I don't have a picture yet.

See you Wednesday. I believe it is Ingrid at Ingrid's since we didn't meet last week. I will be late this week. I have a school committee meeting to go to first (UGH!)

take care,

Anyone Interested?

Just thought I would share this with the group! I know how much the Yarn Harlot is idolized nation wide...and what an opportunity!


My vacation

Its nice to be back from vacation. Fortunately a drive to and from Florida allows a lot of knitting! I finally finished those yellow socks (they are being washed) and I am on the home stretch with the monster alpaca Clapotis!! For now I only have the hat photo... which I am wearing as I work! I look forward to Wed!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Everyone rested?

Hope all of you Loopy Ewes have had a fun time this past week!  Whether you were at home relaxing or on the road, you must have had a tiny bit of time to knit, right?  Well, ladies, right here on our very own, slightly neglected blog, it's time to give the Loopy Ewes blog some love.  Get ready to post some knitting from your February vacation.  Once you're settled in and unpacked, well-rested or whatever strikes your fancy, take a photo of that beautiful piece of knitting that just been freshly released from your needles and post it on here, baby.  It's time to rekindle those fond feelings we had in the past for our very own blog, so bring on the yarn love, Loopy Ewes.  Bring it on!  How about by Wednesday, OK?  (That should be plenty of time for even the procrastinators like moi.) By the way, where are we meeting this week, party people?  Is the schedule right?

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! K

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day to ewe!

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 

I hope all of you Loopy Ewes have a happy heart day!  Don't forget to give our blog some love too every once in awhile!  

Have a good one, Loopy Ewes!

And the Winner is . . . . .

Dawnelle for the best Loopy Ewe attendance ever!  Poor Dawn K was sick last night and had to miss her very first and only meeting, but alas Dawnelle has never missed.  

Now that that silliness is over, on with the recap!  Pam, Judi and I had a lovely time at Dawnelle's abode last night.  Dawnelle put out quite a spread of mexican dip, cheese and fruit and veggies and dip that we all inhaled (gracefully, mind you!).  To top it off, DL presented us with a stunning heart-shaped chocolate torte that was beyond delicious.  The four of us had a great time knitting, eating, and chatting.  We all also bonded with Dawn's menagerie.  Your animals are so friendly, DL!  

Judi, that baby blanket you are working on is lovely.  You must be so psyched to be in the home stretch.  Pam, I love the color of the Unorginal hat you are working on!  Your socks are really coming along great too!  Dawnelle, the very warm hat that you made for Don for Valentine's Day is gorgeous!  You have been one determined knitter to get that finished!  Dawn K, we missed our knitting guru, and we hope you are feeling much better today.  Ingrid, we missed you too and hope your daughter is feeling better.

It doesn't seem like we are meeting next week because there are so many traveling ewes for February vacation.  Pam, Dawnelle and Ingrid, have a wonderful time on your respective trips!  Judi and Dawn, have a good week next week!  Happy Knitting, Loopy Ewes! 

Kathleen :-)

Super Wednesday!

Here's a quick recap of last week's festivities because we all had such a great time at Pam's. Pam, thank you for all of the delicious snacks!  The dips were divine and the sausage and pizzas smelled incredible!  It was so much fun to see all of the projects that everyone has been busy knitting.  Ingrid, that little bunny you whipped is so adorable, and you are on quite a roll with the socks!  DK, the sweater you made is gorgeous and the little hat to match is darling!  Hope you got the rest of those silly i-cord octopus legs over with in no time!  Hope all went well with the dentist the next day.  Thanks for sharing all of those fun patterns!  Pam, I love the natural fleece for the scarf you want to make and your socks look amazing.  I hope you can track down some more of that yarn.  DL, you looked so happy with your new Elizabeth Zimmerman book!  What a great source of knitspiration! (yeah, so what if I made up a new word? ;-)   )  Judi, we missed you!  Happy knitting, Loopy Ewes!